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About me

I am a creative and passionate software engineer. Eager to learn and apply new cutting edge technologies and methodologies. Well organized, proactive, problem solving oriented and able to work under pressure, I enjoy international environments and to provide a great team spirit. I am particularly interested in distributed systems, high performance applications and functional programming.


Visium SA, Lausanne, Switzerland

06.2022 - present
Engineering Director

Just started :-)

ZF Group, Bern, Switzerland

08.2021 - 06.2022
Director of Product Engineering

Transitioning the Bestmile engineering teams and technology into a new home. Following the acquisition of the Bestmile IP and hiring of Bestmile’s engineering teams, ensuring a smooth and happy transition for individuals and efficient integration of the products into the ZF digital portfolio.

see Bestmile’s technology was acquired by ZF Group

Bestmile, Lausanne, Switzerland

03.2017 - 10.2021
Director of Engineering

Designing and leading the development of the world’s first cloud platform for the operation and optimization of autonomous vehicle fleets allowing the management of mixed fleet composed of vehicles of different types and brands also handling hybrid fleets comprise of both autonomous vehicles and human-driven vehicles.

  • Oversaw all aspects of engineering operations and the architecture and design of the platform from a software engineering and cloud infrastructure point-of-view.
  • Shaped the agile mindset of the company in both quality and delivery by defining and adapting the process from feature inception to deployment across teams and technologies.
  • Contributed to the product strategy and roadmap, following market and investors’ requirements.
  • Coordinated the development of new features from inception to maintenance working closely with internal and external stakeholders such as customers, product managers and the delivery teams.
  • Introduced the “you build it; you run it” philosophy, enabling teams to own the delivery of their code up to production through continuous delivery pipelines.
  • Defined engineering KPIs to measure team engagement, velocity, and quality of deliveries.
  • Initiated the migration to Infrastructure-as-Code of the entire cloud infrastructure.
  • Managed multiple integration projects with external partners.
  • Introduced Domain-Driven Design and event-storming techniques to identify and scope micro-services responsibilities with their respective domain events used for communication.
  • Organically grew the team from 1 to 12 engineers.
  • Followed the development of team members through one-to-ones and OKRs.
  • Encouraged a continuous learning and knowledge-sharing culture among the teams.
  • Actively participated in 3 funding rounds and due diligence processes.

Easel TV, London, United Kingdom

06.2014 - 03.2017
Head of Technology / Lead Software Engineer

Designing and leading the development of the new generation of reactive SaaS multi-screen video platform based on Scala, Play and Akka running on AWS and Azure.

  • Transformed the initial incomplete EventSource based platform prototype into a fully functional, maintainable and scalable product using Play, Akka-persistence, Akka and Slick.
  • Introduced the initial management dashboard based on Play and evolved it to an AngularJs single page app.
  • Designed and developed the playlist management system and platform recommendation engine based on Neo4J and ElasticSearch as well as simple rule based filtering algorithms.
  • Designed and implemented the automated video ingestion workflows allowing to securely(DRM) encode, encrypt and publish premium content videos by integrating different Azure services.
  • Defined and implemented internal and external REST APIs of the platform
  • Designed a component to dynamically serve on-demand re-sized images in non-blocking way integrated with AWS CloudFront and S3.
  • Migrated and transformed legacy java services to Scala based web-services
  • Actively promoted the use of reactive and functional programming patterns within the team
  • Introduced SRE/DevOps mindset through infrastructure as code to provision and deploy of the cloud infrastructure
  • Organically grew the team from 2 to 10 engineers
  • Mentored team members by means of pairing and code reviews
  • Encouraged a continuous learning and knowledge sharing culture among the team by means of regular presentations and tech lunches
  • Directed the implementation of testing strategies for the product code base, including unit, integration and acceptance testing
  • Introduced code reviews into the development work flow to enhance code quality and improve knowledge sharing
  • Implemented and organized Agile processes as well as leading the different ceremonies such as sprint planning, retrospective and daily stand-up

SICPA Security Solutions SA, Lausanne, Switzerland

11.2008 - 06.2014
Software Engineer

Building distributed Secure Track and Trace Systems for governments.

  • Developed a scalable RESTful API to securely authenticate and serve smartphone applications requests (Android and iOS) using Redis, JAX-RS, JBoss, JMS, JPA, MySQL, Oracle.
  • Involved in all development phases of a real-time product aggregation system from solution requirements definition, software specifications, design, implementation, testing and on-site deployment. Leaded two developers based in Brazil for the backend implementation.
  • Initiated and responsible for the adoption and migration to Git. Defined the workflows to be used during the development.

Bobst SA, Lausanne, Switzerland

2006 - 2008
Systems Engineer
  • Introduced the Linux operating system within the IT department
  • Infrastructure automation using Devops techniques on top of the UC4 multi-platform enterprise job planning system.
  • Lead the worldwide implementation of VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3
2004 - 2006
Database & System Administrator
  • Completed a project for the migration of critical databases from Oracle 8i,9i to Oracle 10g
  • IT Administration Unix, Windows and VMware ESX servers (>200)
  • Implementation of a multi-platform and Open Source monitoring solution